Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your Personal Computers
Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your Personal Computers

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your Personal Computers

As streamers on the internet regularly utilize big and fancy desktop setups and some people even have those setups for their work. Computers have grown in terms of popularity. Everyone had to stay at home because of the pandemic, including other employees, thus it made sense to upgrade their technology. But, cleaning it will always be important as this can save you money but will take time in the process but is still worth it. These are the reasons and ways why you should consider cleaning your desktop setup.

Keeping your PC away from a malfunctioning

Dirt will always be there and that’s why cleaning your computer is pretty much the most important routine that you always need to do. Dust can damage or can even make your computer lag because the fan cannot function properly. This can be prevented by scheduling clean-ups for your personal computer as it can also be a way to check if there are hidden parts that need to be fixed immediately. Some shops accept check-ups and if you have the budget to do so, do not hesitate as this is for your pc.

Keyboard Cleaning

Your console’s keys are one of the most important parts of your keyboard as it is the one that you always use especially when typing, its design makes it vulnerable to dirt especially food if you like watching or doing work while eating food, or even dust. First, turn off your keyboard especially if it’s the mechanical one and has a Bluetooth feature. Make sure that you have an idea of how to clean it properly, there are many tutorials on the internet, just research first before cleaning it since there are keyboards with exceptional cases that you must consider.

Utilizing Safety When It Comes To Cleaning The Gaps Of Your Keyboard

Cotton cloth or paper towels are frequently used when it comes to cleaning the gaps in your keyboard especially if the keycaps are detachable. Be careful on using liquids especially if you’re cleaning the keyboard and the keycaps are directly attached to the body. There are also sticky tools used to accumulate dust and you can do this regularly to prevent major cleaning duties. 

Liquid Hazard

If you accidentally spill liquid on your computer, detach the console immediately for it to lose power because electricity can also be a factor that can easily damage your console more as the liquid is one of electricity’s best conductors, hence it can overload specific parts of it. After that, turn the console for you to drain it to lessen the liquid that is inside the gadget. You should not use it for at least two days, or you can also bring it to maintenance shops where it can be fixed as there can be permanent damage if not checked immediately

Mouse Cleaning

The two main types of mice for computers are optical and mechanical. Both can be cleaned but the mechanical ones take much more effort compared to the optical ones. You can check more about this mechanical mouse on The mechanical mouse is especially helpless against residue and particles as it has complex structures that can easily collect dirt if not cleaned regularly, making them challenging to function or serve its purpose. If the mouse does not function properly, check these tips below for maintaining the cleanliness of your mouse:

  • Disconnect the mouse’s USB or PS/2 port to be able to clean it properly especially if it is connected directly to the computer via wire. 
  • Soak a cotton cloth with liquid but only enough amount to not damage the mouse and its sensitive wiring. You can wipe specks of dust and noticeable dirt from top to bottom.
  • If you use a mechanical mouse, remove the next ball by rotating the ball-cover ring against the clock. After that step, use a cotton cloth soaked in liquid to wipe the inside of the mouse and the subsequent ball. But always remember to put the right amount of liquid only.
  • Dry out each component before attaching and bringing back the pieces that you wiped. If you are connecting it to a PS/2 port, check if it is completely dried out before connecting it to the computer and turning it on.
  • You can check if it is already clean by placing it on white paper and trying to glide it on the surface. With this, you can make sure that you’re already done with the whole process, and you can continue your daily work or activity. 

Monitor Cleaning

The screen of your computer is one of the essential things that you must clean as it is the one that you always look at and sometimes, especially on the touch screen, fingerprints were always left on the screen, and also specks of dust and dirt. There are screen cleaning packs that are available in the market and you can buy them, may it be on your local stores or even online stores. yet they might harm your screen as there are different kinds of cleaning materials for each screen so it’s much better if you look for the one that is specifically compatible with the type of monitor screen you have. For instance, some LCD screens made of materials other than glass may not be compatible with screen cleaners made for glass screens. The safest method is to just use soft, clean cotton that has been dampened with water. Also, avoid using glass cleaners as they are for other types of glass that are not used for monitors.

Turn The PC Off

this is the most important rule when it comes to cleaning monitors or gadgets in general. Turn them off, as liquids can easily damage your gadgets if they are still on and can infiltrate sensitive wirings as well. 

Cleaning Desktop surfaces

To prevent the buildup of dirt and dust, schedule periodically to clean your computers and the accessories around them such as keyboards, mouse, and many more. Cleaning it regularly can also be good for your health especially if you have dust allergies or allergic rhinitis. Taking care of your belongings is a good indication that your gadgets will be used longer which is a good thing as it can save you money in exchange for a little effort. 

Accessories and tools 

Accessories and tools can always be changed but you also need to spend money for you to do that. If you have other needs that you need to attend to then saving your money is the only option. There are cheap and cute accessories that you can buy but make sure that you research and read reviews. With this, you can enjoy personalizing your desktop to your liking and making it comfortable for you. This kind of routine is for those who want to be creative and adapt to your style because some just want it to be simple. This section is for your discretion so do not be pressured to design your desktop.

Keep it cool

Avoid restricting the airflow around your computer as this can cause it to overheat. Also, keep in mind that heat can also damage the system of your computer that’s why they have built-in fans inside the CPU or even laptops.